Build This Beautiful Steamliner and Practice Your Problem Solving Skills

Build This Beautiful Steamliner and Practice Your Problem Solving Skills

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Some toys are for fun. Others are also educational and aesthetic. These are the best toys ever.

The Dazzling Steamliner Metal DIY Model Kit is just such a toy. The steamliner allows you to work on your problem solving skills while building a train that can be proudly exhibited in any room in your house or corporate office.

Inspired by dieselpunk, steampunk and historical designs, the model is powered by a spring-mechanism and is based on the famous Union Pacific Big Boy. From the top and from the side, you can observe the realistic and mesmerizing movements of the gear-wheel and the flywheel inside the train.

The steamliner is also powered by a spring-mechanism and features a coal tender that can be unhooked from the locomotive and an engine that can be turned on and off. Talk about being realistic!

The train works great as a collector's item and as a gift for that one person who truly has everything. It's a unique and rare impressive piece that is loads of educational fun to build and can adorn any setting once completed.

Get this DIY kit now and build your own steamliner today for just $159.95.

Prices are subject to change.

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