Hone Your Developer Skills with This 3 Course Django Bundle

Hone Your Developer Skills with This 3 Course Django Bundle

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You might be a successful professional developer with great career prospects but in this industry you can never rest. To continue to do well you must always hone your skills.

To do that you can either go back to school and go through the tedious process or attending classes or you can learn all you need to know from the comfort of your home. The 3 Course Django Developer Certification Bundle offers 14 hours on Django, Python, REST Framework, and more.

The first course is on Django, a web framework written in Python that promotes rapid development and pragmatic design. This course will teach you how to deploy a blog to a Ubuntu Linux server independently, build a Pig Latin translator, and design a Reddit clone.

In the next course, you will master making APIs with Django and Python. The class offers 27 lectures that will walk you through the Django REST Framework from beginning to end.

The third course will teach you intermediate levels of Django knowledge. You will learn PipenV, Pre-made Authentication Views, Class Based Views, Django Forms, Using Other Site's APIs, AJAX, Seed Data, and Heroku Deployment.

Get all these classes in just one bundle now for $25.99 -- over 95off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

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