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At-Home No-Stitch Wound Healing Kit Fundraises $3 Million

At-Home No-Stitch Wound Healing Kit Fundraises $3 Million

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You may not have heard of KitoTech Medical, a Seattle-based medical device company, but you have likely caught a video of one of their products as the items have gone viral. Called the microMend, the product is described as a bandaid with the strength of sutures.


"microMend is a unique new alternative to sutures, staples, surgical glues, and common adhesive strips for closing the skin surface as well as protecting the incision site afterwards. The product has the shape of a butterfly bandage with tiny microstaples that anchor the device to the skin with an equivalent holding strength of a suture," reads KitoTech's site.

According to the company, microMend products have been proven to close wounds much faster than sutures. Although it may sound like a very useful practical product, the firm was struggling to pitch it to hospitals and medical clinics due to the COVID-19 pandemic, reported GeekWire.

That's when the company decided to switch techniques and target consumers directly. Since then, the results have been “remarkable" said CEO Ron Berenson. KitoTech has raised a whopping $3 million to help support its growth.

The target audience for KiToTech are people who have gotten wounds but fear going to the hospital due to COVID-19. As you can imagine that is a lot of people in this day and age!

That's why the firm started selling microMend on Amazon directly to consumers and the product proved to be their fastest growing yet. On August 13, the company also announced the addition of a new product: the microMend WIDE.

"The product features the same general design of other microMend products, but it is three times wider making it much easier and faster to close longer wounds. With the addition of the WIDE device, the KitoTech portfolio now includes five different microMend products that provide the ability to securely and rapidly close nearly any wound regardless of size and shape," read the product's press release.

Watch the video: Stitch-Free Wound Care. The Henry Fords Innovation Nation (September 2022).


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