'Chocolate Snow' Blankets Swiss Town After Local Factory Mishap

'Chocolate Snow' Blankets Swiss Town After Local Factory Mishap

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Days ago, the ventilation systems of a chocolate factory in Olten, Switzerland malfunctioned in a cartoonish mishap — spreading a fine layer of cocoa dust or "chocolate snow" everywhere near the factory, according to AP News.


'Chocolate snow' spreads around Swiss town after factory mishap

The Swiss factory — called Lindt & Spruengli — experienced a perfect combination of mishaps, causing a chocolate powder to fire out through its ventilation system and creating chocolate snow that left fine cocoa dust on every outdoor surface nearby the facility.

Only one vehicle in the vicinity was affected — a car lightly coated with chocolate powder, according to AP News. While the company offered to pay for any cleaning services required, no one has asked for its help.

No one was hurt by the chocolate snow.

Chocolate factory mishap not enough for 'Willy Wonka' lake

In a time before the internet, a 1970s movie called "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" told the story of a young boy who won a golden ticket to a giant candy factory where outlandish chocolate lakes, edible wallpaper, and soda that makes people float teased viewers with the possibilities of open access to the secret sweets of a chocolate factory.

Sadly, there wasn't enough chocolate snow to build chocolate snowmen, let alone enough to melt into a lake. With only a fine layer of cocoa powder lining outdoor surfaces, we can at least take solace in knowing that at any time — a chocolate factory could start spewing raw chocolatey goodness into the atmosphere — a welcome change of pace to the growing worries surrounding the climate crisis.

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