Dentist Breaks Unofficial World Record for Waterskiing With the Tallest Stilts

Dentist Breaks Unofficial World Record for Waterskiing With the Tallest Stilts

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Dentists break records here and there, just like this one dentist in India who pulled out the world's longest-known tooth. You'd typically expect dentists to stick to their area of expertise in order to break world records, but a dentist in Minnesota in the U.S. broke an altogether different record, albeit unofficially.

The dentist in question, Christopher Dens, managed to waterski while on 11-foot-high stilts, potentially making him the first person ever to do so.


A few attempts

Dens shared his exploit on YouTube, where you can observe him going through a fair few misses before he gets his hit. Perhaps one of the best parts of this video is listening to the friend cackling with laughter while filming the entire debacle.

Aside from good-humored laughs, it is impressive watching Dens as he attempts to get up on his tall stilts on Hartley Lake's waters.

After his first failed attempts, comes the moment of glory, when Dens glides off on his oh-so-tall stilts, looking a little out of place on the water but he remains cool and composed throughout his experience.

Dens is a dentist at Dens Dental in Baxter, Minnesota, and is also the founder of Brainerd Ski Loons, a non-profit that teaches people to show water ski. If you think waterskiing on 11-foot-tall stilts was impressive, check out what these kids and adults can do on waterskis.

It's easy to put two and two together and understand what prompted Dens to try and put his waterskiing limits to the test. As a waterskiing aficionado, this is a clear hobby and perhaps passion of his.

As Brainerd Ski Loons' saying goes, the "disciplines of show skiing while building character, confidence, and self-esteem." So perhaps the same can be said of skiing on high stilts.

Have fun watching Dens' feat:

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