Guy Mounts Highly Dangerous 200-Watt Laser to the Roof of His Car

Guy Mounts Highly Dangerous 200-Watt Laser to the Roof of His Car

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You might have heard of The Backyard Scientist, but if you haven't, you won't be forgetting that name after watching this video for sure.

As his channel description reads, he is a guy who likes to make videos on all the crazy stuff he likes to do. From exploding arrows to science experiments, he does all the stuff that you might be curious about but are too lazy to try. In other words, he does it so you don't have to!

In this video, he mounts a 200-watt laser onto the roof of his car and points it at numerous stuff ranging from bread and ham to planets and Queen Elizabeth -- without endangering the planes of course.


At first, he sets out on a journey to find a Ford F-350 with a 50-kilowatt laser attachment; however, since that is a lost cause, he decides to take his business to China and buys the laser that way.

But this is not a regular laser mind you. Dubbed the "death ray", this laser is terrifying for two reasons, according to him: one, all that energy comes out of a little tiny fiber that is only 100 micrometers in diameter, which is more or less the size of a human hair.

Second, this laser is invisible and could "vaporize your retinas without you even knowing it."

In order to test out the laser, he fires it on a piece of wood, and to give you an idea of how strong it is, it bores a hole that is half a centimeter deep in two seconds. Also, it burns a rock. Crazy!

Of course, he doesn't stop here. To take it literally a few steps further, he decides to burn stuff that is far away. He uses an old satellite dish mount that he converted into a giant laser aim and an old controller with Arduino.

He also uses a laser enclosure, built by him, that has a 9.25-inch (23-cm) Cassegrain reflector style telescope to focus the laser.

In the video, he tests killing the coronavirus -- well, not literally since he doesn't have it. Instead, he tests the laser on a Corona bottle.

Other things that he tests the laser on is a stone wall and cooking up a ham and bread sandwich. He also uses it on a cardboard of Elizabeth II -- no harsh feelings of course! Just science. Needless to say, nothing can stay in the way of a laser beam.

At the end of the video, he experiments with shooting the laser up at the sky, to the Moon and beyond.

Obviously, you should never do that; however, he does this after checking FlightRadar and details on the video description why this experiment did not endanger any airplanes.

It is crazy to see the laser with night vision since it literally looks like a "death ray" indeed. It is amazing how the beam goes on forever and the possibilities are endless. As he humorously puts, "Let's shoot that planet! Some aliens just got a vibe check."

You can watch the video in its entirety here:

Amazing! If you're interested in seeing more of his works, you can check out this one where he teaches you how to build your own fire tornado or this one where he creates a thermite sword that will cut through almost everything.

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