Ducati 900 SS Customized With Cyberpunk-Style Copper Body

Ducati 900 SS Customized With Cyberpunk-Style Copper Body

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The Ducati 900 SuperSport, or 'SS', is a powerhouse famed for its sleek design as well as its 90-degree V-twin desmodromic engine.

Now, in a unique twist on the 1992 Ducati 900 SS motorcycle's design, Upcycle Motor Garage has stripped away the classic motorbike's predominantly fiberglass exterior and replaced it with a copper brown colorway.


The Cyberducati

Upcycle Motor Garage started by replacing the stock fiberglass of the Ducati 900 SS with a new body that seamlessly fits into the form of a salvaged Honda CX500 tank.

The original frame was welded with a new rear frame that was designed to support a solo seat upholstered in black suede, DesignBoom explains.

The custom design highlights the motorcycle's black-finished engine, which is supported by a new rear frame and a dynamically sculpted body with a sleek cyberpunk aesthetic.

The front of the motorcycle houses a single LED headlight positioned just off-center, while a motogadget motoscope mini speedo extends from the center of the handlebars up towards the windshield. The Pirelli diablo superbike SC1 tires were replaced tires more suitable for casual riders.

The 1992 904 cc engine only needed to be tidied up and refinished in a black finish, showing its impressive road durability. Finally, a stainless steel custom exhaust system, with a titanium muffler, was integrated into the original motorcycle.

Custom motorcycle heaven

We think the people over at Upcycle Motor Garage describe it best in an Instagram post showcasing their work when they say, "Magical AF."

Of course, only last year Ducati announced that it is working on its first electric motorcycle. If you're still looking for a custom motorcycle fix, be sure to check out this stunning monochrome custom BMW motorbike creation.

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