Tesla Owner Installs $2,500 Solar Trailer to Charge His Car While Driving

Tesla Owner Installs $2,500 Solar Trailer to Charge His Car While Driving

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Tesla owner and YouTube influencer ItsYeBoi decided he wanted to charge his Tesla while driving so he came up with an ingenious contraption. He created a large solar panel-equipped trailer that he could attach to the back of his car to follow him everywhere.


It's not a speedy contraption- it takes the car 40 hours to charge- but it is one that works. ItsYeBoi created this unique trailer from scratch, buying the solar panels independently and then putting them together on the carriage. The whole thing cost him $2,500.

"So what we are going to do is get a trailer to attach the solar panels to the trailer. But we got to make sure they're angled toward the Sun so we can maximize solar input. Is that a thing? I don't know," said ItsYeBoi in his video.

"Then we are going to attach the trailer to the Tesla. Charge the Tesla and create the world's first solar trailer for Tesla charging."

The invention is a cool look into the future where we might just all be able to charge our vehicles as we go. Can you imagine it? Driving forever?

However, right now its kind of a cumbersome invention as pulling a heavy trailer along is bound to reduce a vehicle's range, not to mention it might cause some trouble on highways and expressways.

You may remember ItsYeBoi from a video where he shot a gun at a so called-bulletproof Tesla to see how it would hold up. The influencer sure does seem to like experimenting with his Tesla or perhaps it just attracts followers.

What do you think of his solar trailer? Is it an intelligent way to charge while riding or a burdensome addition to a car that functions pretty well on its own?

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