17 Bike Accessories Every Biker Should Buy

17 Bike Accessories Every Biker Should Buy

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Cycling is a way of life that enables the doer to have a hand at saving the planet by fighting climate change. What's more is that bikes are relatively simple machines that provide fun, fitness, and sustainability in a bundle. So, whether you are bored with traffic, your form, or you just want to do your part in reducing pollution, it's time to ride a bike.

Although bicycles are fun tools, you need some accessories for a safe ride. You might be in love with your bike but you never know what obstacles you might encounter on your route, so it is always better to take action early.


We have compiled all the necessary products you should consider having to ensure you have a pleasant driving experience while staying safe.

1. GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount

If you want to take video footage while you are cycling, having a phone mount will do wonders for you. This phone mount lets you command your smartphone. Moreover, you can make hands-free calls and get GPS directions while cycling and stay safe in the process.

2. Garmin Edge 1030

You don't have to fear getting lost while exploring new routes any more thanks to this bike computer. With its easy-to-read display and colored maps, you will have a much better ride. Just say you the distance you want and the starting direction, and you'll have up to 3 routes. Of course, it's wise enough to take you back.

3. Brooks Saddles Multitool

Take your reliable cycling companion with you, and don't worry about any obstacles on the way. It provides a wide selection of options for your on-the-road needs. It's compact and can be folded up for easy storage while cycling. The stylish leather case will accompany you with its functionality.

4. BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

You can be a backpack person, but big backpacks can get heavy and make your ride harder while cycling. A compact saddle bag mounted under the bicycle seat is ideal for holding your personal items. Taillight hanger also enables you to add a bike light for extra safety.

5. iHuniu LED Turn Signal Light Reflective Vest

Riding a bike at night is fun, but it can be also very dangerous. Making sure the vehicles around you are aware of your presence is crucial. You definitely need a signal light reflective vest that will make you visible to everyone.

You can ride your bike as long as you wish in the dark with this vest which shows which way you'll turn.

6. SY Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer

This bike speedometer calculates speed, distance, and driving time. If you're a serious biker, you'll want to know everything when it comes to stats tracking. You will get all the necessary information about your performance thanks to this gadget. It has a bright display that is perfect for the night rides.

7. Topeak SmartGauge D2

Tyre pressure is an important variable for a biker's performance. Not being aware of your tyre pressure means you risk skidding or your tire bursting. So it's crucial to be able to measure the tire pressures.

The digital display is easy to see even in dark conditions.

8. 3-Pack Motorcycle Glasses

Protecting your eyes while cycling is as important as wearing a helmet, and if you have quality eyeglasses, you can ride in any weather condition. Otherwise, fogging glasses may cause accidents.

The innovative nature of these glasses offers the best eye protection from wind and dust particles.

9. OTTOLOCK Steel & Kevlar Combination Bike Lock

The increase in bicycle theft can be intimidating, but with this keyless lock, you can protect your bike easily. You can keep it on your pocket or saddlebag, it's compact and lightweight to carry.

It will offer you peace of mind when you stop for snacks or coffee. You can also use it for motorcycles or any outdoor gear.

10. Bike Tail Light with Turn Signals

Use this tail light with turn signals if you don't want to wear a vest to signal. It's bright enough to be seen from 150 ft away even in dark conditions. With the remote control feature, you can send signals without the need for an extra tool. It works for about 7 hours.

11. Lumos LLHE Kickstart Lite Smart Bike Helmet

With the turn signal lights, you will take your riding experience to the next level. You will be highly visible with this smart helmet.

To customize lights, just use the app. It comes with 250 lumens of lighting at eye-level with 360-degree visibility: 10 white fronts LED lights, 16 red rear LED lights, and 3 customizable flashing modes.

12. Vont 'Pyro' Bike Light Set

Lighting is important, and it can be crucial while cycling. Nobody would like to be tangled up in a bike accident, so you should definitely take precautions. Stay safe!

Also, it is quite difficult to be visible on your bike in extreme weather conditions. A waterproof light that can be installed on your bicycle will solve the problem.

13. GoPro HERO5 Black

Whether you're a professional or an amateur biker, recording and immortalizing your thrilling moments will increase the fun. With smooth and crystal-clear audio and photo capture, you will experience the most immersive photos and videos with the GoPro HERO5.

14. Kroozie Kroozercups 2.0 Bicycle Cup Holder

No need to stop by a coffee shop just to have a drink while cycling! This cup holder will keep your coffee hot along the way. At the end of the road, your coffee will still be as delicious as the beginning. Just mount it to the handlebars. It holds plastic cups, water bottles, coffee cups, and more.

15. LED Turn Signal Cycling Gloves

If you don't want any extra accessories to mount on your bike, these LED signal gloves can do the job. These breathable gloves can be used even on the hottest day of summer since they're designed to be sweat-absorbent.

16. LeBoLike Bike Spoke Lights

Be safe and be seen with the LeBoLike bike wheel lights! You don't need to have tools for installation. These bike spoke lights are well designed so they make for great decorations. They look cool and, most importantly, make you visible at night.

17. Lixada Dog Basket

Take your little fur friends on a ride with you. For those who miss their dogs while biking, this dog basket is the ideal choice. You can put it to the front of your bike. It can also be used to carry fruit, snacks, and vegetables when you go to a picnic with your friends.

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