'Muff' It: Annoyed Neighbor Uses Expanding Foam to Silence Car's Loud Exhaust

'Muff' It: Annoyed Neighbor Uses Expanding Foam to Silence Car's Loud Exhaust

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Some people love their cars loud, and the rest of the people have to endure their antics as they speed through the streets while blasting music from their speakers. While it is actually illegal to drive a car with a loud exhaust system in some parts of the world, we've all been haunted by loud exhaust systems. On such an occasion, it is a natural thing to call the police; however, this angry neighbor had other ideas.

Aaron Robinson, the owner of a, apparently, very loud car, uploaded a picture on his Facebook post recently, showing his car's exhaust system filled with expanding foam.

The next picture showed the angry not-so-love letter written by his neighbor:

The letter read, "I finally found you! You want our attention, you don’t want our attention. You have 14 days to fix the mufflers or put the stock back on. Don’t egg us on, you will only regret it. We encourage you to call the police, install video, nothing will work."

The end line read, "Fix your muffler!" Ouch.


Aaron Robinson shared the incident by writing, "Isn’t this cute, please come near me or my family or my car cameras and guns for days....if anyone knows anything let me know...Honest to God I’m a reasonable human being I would have changed it no problem just had to ask..." on its caption.

While he should probably take the guns down and some people have sympathized with the angry neighbor, it should be noted that doing this to someone's car by going into their territory is vandalism. Everybody hates a loud exhaust; however, two wrongs don't make a right.

Robinson said, in a reply to another Facebook user, "We filed the report gonna see what we can do vigilante style."

This is the Ford Mustang in question that got a load of foam in its pipes. The thing is while the Mustang GT is equipped with an aftermarket exhaust, Ford also offers a Quiet Exhaust Mode which adjusts the optional performance exhaust system to 10 decibels quieter.

The funny thing is, the system is referred to as "Good Neighbor Mode" by Ford. Investing in one could have prevented the whole ordeal before it started it seems.

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