15 Extraordinary and Futuristic Truck Designs

15 Extraordinary and Futuristic Truck Designs

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If you have ever wondered what the future of trucks might look like, then these interesting concepts might just give you a hint. While most of these are only concepts, the designers of real trucks in the future might take a little bit of inspiration from their forebears.

Of course, we likely have to wait to find out for sure. Either way, these futuristic truck designs really are inspirational, we must say.



What are some examples of extraordinary and futuristic truck designs?

So, without further ado, here are some great examples of cool truck designs for your delectation. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. Check out Capstone Turbine's new natural gas truck

One extraordinary and futuristic truck design comes from Capstone Turbine. Their new natural gas truck designed really does look like something from a distant future.

Developed in collaboration with Walmart, this futuristic truck was first presented at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2014. Called the WAVE, this truck's aerodynamics produces 20% less drag, and its Capstone Turbine engine can run on various fuels from diesel, liquid natural gas, biofuels, and even carbon-fiber materials, apparently.

2. This vision for the future of trucks is quite interesting

Designed by Prathyush Devadas, a senior interior designer at Chinese automaker Dongfeng, this amazing futuristic fantasy Bugatti truck design is something to behold. Sleek, sexy, and frankly out of this world, this might just be a future we could all very much look forward to seeing.

Taking his cue from other Bugatti design elements, Devadas created an entirely new concept for either a cargo hauler or tanker. Truly an outstanding effort.

3. The MAN "Concept S" really does fit the definition of a futuristic truck

The "Concept S" by MAN certainly does look like a truck from the future. Its highly aerodynamic shape apparently would provide the truck with an impressive 25% drop in fuel consumption and an associated reduction in carbon emissions.

The image above also features the Krone Aeroliner trailer that seamlessly blends with MAN's futuristic cab. Apparently, this setup has the same capacity as a contemporary standard semi-trailer tractor.

4. This "Space Truck" is simply delicious

Another amazing futuristic truck design comes from one German designer called Luigi Colani. Called the "Spare Truck," this certainly is like no other truck that you have ever seen before.

Featured curved lines wherever possible, this future vision for a tanker would like great in any futuristic-themed computer game or film. Simply stunning.

5. The Scania "Motion" looks like it's from a dystopian future

First revealed a little over a decade ago, the Scania "Motion" hasn't lost any of its futuristic looks. Designed to potentially transport goods in the most extreme of conditions, this truck could conceivably be used to supply emergency equipment and supplies to some of the most inhospitable locations on the planet.

Penciled in for some time in the 2040s, this six-wheeled concept would be fitted with a renewable generation system to keep it moving.

6. The Volvo "Ant" certainly lives up to its name

The Volvo "Ant" was designed to help improve the efficiency of long-haul transportation forever. Created by Alex Marzo, this futuristic truck's design was inspired, as the name suggests, by actual ants.

Since they are known to communicate, distribute food, and carry out other duties super efficiently, they seemed the perfect model for a freight transporter. The "Ant" would have various "micro-containers" that could be rented by individual clients to offer better delivery efficiency, navigation, and also help reduce jackknifing.

7. The Fuso Canter Eco-D is another extraordinary futuristic truck design

Developed by Mitsubishi, the Fuso Canter Eco-D certainly does look a truck from the future. Conceived as the future of tippers, this diminutive little truck would come complete with a hybrid drive.

The tipper would also utilize an electric-motor power take-off to life and lower the tipper body.

8. Have you seen Luigi Colani's "Innotruck?"

Here is another futuristic truck concept from the great Luigi Colani. Called the "Innotruck," this vehicle looks more like a spacecraft than something you could actually drive on the road.

Designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, this concept truck really is innovative. But quite how practical it would be to transport stuff around is open to debate.

Looks great, though.

9. This futuristic truck is awesome too

Designed by Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko, "Truck A" is yet another amazing futuristic truck design. Intended to be an autonomous, all-electric truck for AUDI, this truck really is a stunning vision of the future.

Though its aerodynamics might not stand up to scrutiny.

10. This futuristic truck design wouldn't look out of place on some far-flung mining colony

Designed by Zukan Plan, this amazing futuristic truck really does look like it is from the far future. Also called the "Space Truck," this concept truck is envisaged to be used in the future of high-tech construction projects sometime in the next century.

Its clean lines and no-nonsense design really are quite appealing to the eye.

11. The semi-autonomous Mercedes EURO-X looks a little sinister

This vision of the future of trucks by Muyeon Cho really is interesting. Called the "EURO-X," these faceless trucks are intended to be semi-autonomous if they were ever made a reality.

Cho envisaged these trucks to be an intermediary step between human-operated and fully autonomous trucks in the future. While the concept lacks any windows, the driver would monitor the situation using a variety of sensors from the comfort of a specially enclosed cabin within the cab.

12. Here is another amazing futuristic truck from Scania

Called AXL, this fully autonomous concept truck really is extraordinary. Since the truck is fully automated, the design has little need for a cab for a human operator to sit in.

The vehicle is described as a "heavy-duty self-driving vehicle" and was designed by a group of Scania experts from different fields.

13. Hyundai's concept hydrogen semi-truck is awesome

Developed by Hyundai, the HDC-6 Neptune really is an amazing vision for the future of trucks. Not only is its design very unique, but the intention to power it using hydrogen fuel cells really could be the future of truck transportation.

This futuristic truck is part of Hyundai's FCEV 2030 vision to accelerate the development of a hydrogen society in the future.

14. The MT-240 could be coming to a mine near you in the future

The MT-240 is yet another amazing vision for the future of truck designs. Intended for use in mining operations, the main point of this truck's design is to provide the tightest turning circle of any truck available today.

Designed by ETF, the truck would be able to turn every single one of its 10 wheels. Supposedly this would enable it to "turn on a dime."

15. Ford is also getting in on the act

And finally, meet the Ford F-Vision. Announced back in 2018, this new prototype futuristic truck is Ford's gambit for the future of trucks.

According to Ford, it would be an all-electric, self-driving, zero-emission truck that they hope could be the future of long-haul transportation.

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