12 Ways People Are Entertaining Themselves During Isolation

12 Ways People Are Entertaining Themselves During Isolation

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1. Sending beer in the most fun way possible

OK, I'm as generous as the next guy, but as Thomas Paine wrote, "These are the times that try men's souls." Would you share one of your precious beers with a neighbor?

Eric Trzcinski of Richfield, Wisconsin did, but it was how he did it that made the news. Trzcinski sent a Corona Extra beer to his across-the-street neighbor, Trevor Reinke, via a remote-controlled car and across a busy street.

Trzcinski used zip ties to attach a spare auto exhaust tip to the back of his remote-controlled car. The tip was just the right size to hold the bottle of beer.

When Trzcinski posted the video to Facebook, it got over 5 million views in just three days and that caught the attention of news media.


2. Activity partners

During this time of social distancing, it can be hard to find exercise partners. A guy in Norway named Mathias Berntsen found a great volleyball partner in his dog, Kiara.

Kiara, who is part Labrador, is an expert at setting up the ball for Mathias, and she's no slouch at knocking one over the net either. Mathias plays on Norway's second-ranked beach volleyball team with his partner and cousin, Hendrik Mol. Together, they are ranked 45th in the world.

After Mathias posted this video of Kiara, her Instagram account ballooned to 18,000 followers.

3. Rocking out with an electric harp

If you've never heard of an electric harp, get ready to be blown away. The first electric harps made their appearance in the early 1980s and resembled light framed Celtic-style harps.

When L.A. based Kiki Bello first appears in her bedroom with something large strapped to her body, you might not know what to expect. What you'll get is an incredible musical experience.

And, if you're curious, there is even a laser harp, which is a harp-shaped instrument that uses laser beams instead of strings.

4. Showing off your family accomplishments

Union, New Jersey resident Andy Imbimbo, 31, and his wife posted a video that accomplishes two things. First, by showing their mini golden doodle puppy, Dundie, jumping over walls of stacked toilet paper rolls, the Imbimbos are advertising their "wealth" of TP. For those of us who live where toilet paper is scarce, that hurts.

Then, when Andy plays a game of tic-tac-toe with Dundie, the pup wins. I just want to point out that Andy missed an obvious move in the lower-left corner of the board, and might have let Dundie win. Just sayin'.

5. A little squirrel having a picnic

Rick Kalinowski, 43, who lives in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania built a wall-mounted, miniature wooden picnic table for the neighborhood squirrels so that he could "watch the squirrels eat while I have my coffee every morning."

Ok, my daughter sent me this photo and now I kinda wanna make one

— AnitaSamore (@ASamorex) March 30, 2020

Since Kalinowski posted images of the table on social media, they have gone viral, and Kalinowski is now selling the tables on Etsy under the name Squirrelly Treasure Co. Hey, we don't make this stuff up, we just report it.

6. The cat in the tank

You've heard of the Dr. Seuss book, The Cat in the Hat, well this is The Cat in the Tank.

This image of a cat in a cardboard tank, complete with mouse skull and crossed bones and six "confirmed kills", went viral. However, if you do an internet search, you will find literally dozens of images of cats in cardboard tanks. I bet you didn't even know that this was a "thing".

7. A room under the stairs

In the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone, we find that Harry has been forced to live in The Cupboard Under the Stairs for 10 long years by the nasty Dursley family. The cupboard is described as small and dusty, with lots of spiders.

A couple built a cupboard under the stairs for their dog, and it has an entirely different vibe from Harry's cupboard. The dog's cupboard comes equipped with a fancy door, a window box, a lantern, a mailbox and a welcome mat complete with paw prints.

8. What is a "fade?

In a Youtube video, an Aussie by the name of ButcherBoy uses an electric razor to give himself a haircut called a "fade".

Working backwards, we can deduce that a "fade" must be a combination of shaved areas and longer hair. At the midway point of the process, ButcherBoy addresses the camera, saying, "If I went to a barbers and they did that to me, I would sue them. I'd actually sue them, I'd put them out of business."

What ButcherBoy ends up with is a really wide Mohawk that actually looks sort of trendy, but then again, the last hair trend I was up on was the mullet.

9. A lesson from the Rock Gods

The band Queen guitarist Sir Brian May (that's also Dr. Brian May, to you) is providing online guitar tutorials, such as this one of "Tie Your Mother Down."

He's also providing best wishes to healthcare workers and those in countries outside of Britain. Among May's words of wisdom are: "It's good to have a bash at a guitar now and then."

Brian May would be my second favorite person to be quarantined with, following only Dr. Edward Witten. If you're reading this, Dr. Witten, I'm available, and I'll bring my own toilet paper.

10. Voting is your constitutional right

Voting in person has become problematic, as NBC News reported. But one person seems to have cracked it.

DINO AT THE POLLS: Countless voters went to the polls wearing masks of all kinds, but we'd be willing to bet there was only one person wearing a dinosaur costume!

??: Corie Hoffman

— News 3 Now / Channel 3000 (@WISCTV_News3) April 7, 2020

Showing up at the polls in a dinosaur suit might be an interesting commentary on who the actual dinosaurs are. When Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued an executive order postponing the primary election due to the coronavirus, Wisconsin's Legislature and Supreme Court overturned that order, forcing people to vote in person.

One voter told NBC News, "They're telling us to stay in the house and 6 feet from each other, but then, during one of the most important times, they're forcing us to come out here in a group. Stop playing politics with our lives."

11. Couch potato

We're all appearing on camera way more than is usual, but we need to be aware of what is in the background of our shots.

The weather man dog had a small dog couch

— A happier day (@AHappierDay) April 7, 2020

This TV weatherman was apparently giving the forecast from his home where his furry friend can be seen lounging on his very own pup-sized couch, and with his head resting on a dog bone-shaped pillow.

Maybe the forecast was, it will rain cats and dogs tomorrow.

12. The piece de resistance

A couple named Ben and Kexia posted a video to TikTok showing, well, it can't be explained, you've just got to see it.

Lockdown challenges ........this is amazing 🙊🙊🙉

— That guy (@paile_M) April 2, 2020

As of this writing, the video has racked up 1.8 million likes and 4199 comments. All I can say is, epic guys, simply epic.

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