Russian Vets Operate on Pet Cockroach After Complicated Pregnancy

Russian Vets Operate on Pet Cockroach After Complicated Pregnancy

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Most people think of cockroaches as a terrible and gross nuisance. However, on the rare occasion, the insects have been known to be pets.

An Archimandrita cockroach

This was the case for one Archimandrita cockroach in the city of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia. The insect, that originates in the South American jungle, was the lucky pet of one owner who, when she got sick, refused to give up on her.


Cockroaches are not rare insects so the owner could have easily found another pet. Instead, he took her to the veterinarian.

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A complicated pregnancy

When the local animal doctors saw the tiny pet they quickly sprung into action to save her. The insect had a complicated pregnancy that put her life in danger.

The cocoon in which her little ones developed had failed to retract. It was now clearly sticking out of her body putting her at a dangerous risk of infection.

The vets proceeded to operate on the roach making sure to use three painkillers so that she would remain comfortable. The doctors used an internal drug, a local anesthetic, and gas anesthesia.

The doctors then removed the egg pouch from the cocoon. The roach was healed and could now retract the pouch back inside.

One has to be impressed with the doctors' skills, achieving such a microsurgery. And no one was happier than the roach's owner who got to have his pet back fit and healthy.

The vets took the time to even write a special wish for the cockroach on their social media. “We wish the best of health to the beauty," wrote the happy doctors.

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