12 Ludicrous Lifehacks That Could Only Come from an Engineering Mind

12 Ludicrous Lifehacks That Could Only Come from an Engineering Mind

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It takes a special kind of mind to repurpose a machine or tool for something new.

We like to think there's a bit of engineering in everyone, and nowhere is this more evident than in the plethora of lifehacks you can find online.

They come in many different shapes and sizes. Some can change the way you live your life, others are simple, helpful timesavers. Here are a few that could help you out of a bind.


1. A new frontier for bulldog clips

Ever typed so hard that you broke one of your keyboard legs?

Ok, nor have we, but those things can be finicky and break easily, especially during a move, or if you happen to drop your keyboard on the floor.

Fret not for TheBostonCreamer has a solution. No need to buy a new keyboard. Got a bulldog clip lying around? That will do the trick.

2. A makeshift conveyor belt

Ever feel your treadmill is just lying there not being used, collecting dust? Ok, we don't actually have a personal treadmill, but still.

Here's another use for anyone's treadmill that would otherwise be relegated to the title of household ornament.

If it works... from r/lifehacks

Need to quickly transport materials, such as chopped wood into a cellar? Use your treadmill as a conveyor belt. We've never thought of a better use for that max speed setting.

3. No space for a Christmas tree? Make a 2D tree

Ever thought your Christmas tree takes up too much space in the living room? We certainly have.

So why not go 2D this year? It doesn't mean your celebrations have to be two-dimensional — only your decorations.

Simply make a triangle out of two wooden poles. Glue, nail, or tie tinsel to the frame. Add lights and a star on top. You have your tree!

4. A bed frame hack

Ever thought... ok we'll stop that. This here lifehack will stop your bedframe from marring your walls.

Anyone who's owned a light metal bed frame knows that it can cause havoc with your wall and scratch the wall paint like you wouldn't believe.

The solution? The humble sponge. Superglue a kitchen sponge to the frame and all your scratch worries will disappear.

5. Extra shower storage

Need a little extra storage space in your shower? We all need a little extra space when our shower product buying gets out of hand.

Reddit poster GoodDaytheJay has a great fix. Just add a shower curtain rod inside the shower space, attach a few shower caddies and you are all set.

6. An AirPods smartphone stand

Usually, when we get a pair of headphones, we open the case, remove the contents and get rid of the empty plastic container the item came in.

It turns out that, if you bought AirPods, the case can double up as a handy stand for your smartphone.

7. An unconventional air pump

Posted in Subreddit DIWHY this hack does have us asking... why? A lot of inflatable mattresses come with electric or manual pumps.

Good solution to interesting problem from r/lifehacks

Having said that, if you ever find yourself without a pump, a leaf blower, and a plastic glove might just do the trick.

8. No bottle opener? No problem

Opening a bottle without a bottle opener is the ultimate party trick. Some use shoes, others use their teeth.

No bottle opener? No problem from r/lifehacks

StonePineJack used another bottle to apply pressure and remove the top of their beer bottle. You'll never need another bottle opener again — until you only have one bottle left.

9. How to keep your food warm at the office

Philosophy tackles the big questions like why are we here, what is our purpose? Engineering builds bridges and connects us via machines and inventions.

A lifehack is a new proposition altogether that answers those little questions in life, like how do you keep your sausage roll warm at the office when you don't have an oven nearby?

It's a very 21st century problem, and one that Redditor AffectedArc07 has an answer for: simply wedge it between two hot laptop power packs.

10. Efficient parenting

Parenting is hard. Kids simply have the kind energy that parents simply don't after a long day of work. That's why efficiency is the key.

Efficient dad. from r/lifehacks

Some parents hire a nanny or get their kids distracted by tablets and devices. This dad decided to spend some quality time helping his kid practice his baseball swing without having to stand up. All he needed was a fishing rod.

11. Never lose your remote again

Ok, we know some of these lifehacks are condoning extreme laziness, but you can't fault the ingenuity.

Tired of losing the remote? from r/lifehacks

Attach a piece of string to your remote, tape it to your sofa leg and it will never be lost again.

12. How to fix your tire with fire

Car tires don't inflate unless the rim bead is sealed tight. If it isn't, you have a problem.

This could be very useful from r/lifehacks

This DIY enthusiast/pyromaniac inflated this tire by creating a small explosion around the rim using starter fluid. As Popular Mechanics points out, the expanding gases during an explosion set the tire bead. Do be very careful when using flammable liquids.

And with that, we go out with a bang. Some of these lifehacks are fiery, some of them let you be lazy, and others help you bring the Christmas spirit to a smaller space.

We would love to hear from you if you have any you would add to the list.

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