195 Gigapixel Panorama Photo of Shanghai Lets You Zoom in and Find Weird Things

195 Gigapixel Panorama Photo of Shanghai Lets You Zoom in and Find Weird Things

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A Chinese company appropriately called Big Pixel has released a panorama photo which is 195 gigapixels. It was taken at the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai and it captures everything around the structure.


At such impressive gigapixels, it allows people to zoom in and catch all kinds of details. Here are a few of what we found:

1. Good, now they are cloning people in China

We zoomed in and found these four scooter riders following each other that look exactly the same. Could it be that they have started cloning people in China?

2. Dancing in the street?

This lady looks like she is running hands open towards someone. Only there is no one in front of her. Could she be dancing alone in the street? That would be fun!

3. Twins in the city

We spotted these two identical girls sporting even the same umbrella and walking the same way. Could they be twins or is this another case of cloning?

4. A person disappearing

We are sure this is just a camera trick. Still, it is pretty cool to notice this person disappearing. A ghost maybe?

5. Green taxi

How cute is this green taxi? It is definitely a welcome change from traditional yellow taxis and stands out even in a panoramic pic such as this.

6. Three men staring at a pic

This one is not so original but it is funny to see people staring at a picture inside a picture. Surely they had no idea they were being captured from above.

7. A soldier in full gear

Here we have a man dressed in the full red military gear complete with hat. Where is he going dressed like that?

8. A hiding woman

This woman has put a book on top of her head. Could she know that a picture is being taken right above her or is she just avoiding the sun?

These are just a few of the fun things we found but there are countless more. Take a look for yourselves and see what you can find.

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