Wave electric bike has half the price tag of other e-bikes

Wave electric bike has half the price tag of other e-bikes

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Electric bikes are a great way of enjoying getting out and about on a bike without having to rely just on your own pedal power. However the downside to them is that they are usually very expensive to purchase. The Wave electric bike could change this as the developers of it are offering it as the most affordable electric bike. Along with it having a price tag that is around half that of other e-bikes it provides a long range and travels at high speed.

[Image Source: Wave Bike]

At the moment the Wave electric bike is raising funds on Indiegogo and it has a weight of 50lbs without the battery and is built on a steel beach cruiser frame. It offers all-purpose tires and single speed and the designers say that the bike can travel equally well on sand, dirt, grass and pavement.

[Image Source: Wave Bike]

The motor that drives the Wave electric bike is 750 watt and this is powered by a 48 volt removable 12Ah battery. The battery can be charged in five or just six hours using a standard charger, however if you use a proprietary fast charger the charging time is halved.

[Image Source: Wave Bike]

The Wave electric bike can travel as fast as 30mph when assisting it by pedalling and up to 28mph when running just on the electric motor. It is however more efficient when travelling at 20mph and this is 4 more than other electric bikes on the market. It offers a range of 26 miles when on full electric and when pedalling it reaches more than 52 miles.

[Image Source: Wave Bike]

If the campaign raises enough funds the developers plan on launching the Wave bike in two colours and free upgrades will be available. If all goes well the bike will be shipped in June with a price tag of US$999. Early backers of the project can get hold of the bike for $549.

Watch the video: Sequel to the Cheapest Electric Bike! - Wave (September 2022).


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