New Artificial Island Near the Turkish Coasts?

New Artificial Island Near the Turkish Coasts?

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[Image Source: Studio Dror]

One country declared it's will to dig a new canal to connect the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. This is Turkey and the expectations are the canal will start functioning in 2023. That's great, but probably you wonder what is the interesting point here? The thousands of tons of dirt that will be excavated will be moved in the sea and will be used as a base of new, artificial island near the Turkish coast.

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HavvAda Island would house nearly 300 000 people and is expected to consist of six hills, positioned around a gigantic kilometer-wide amphitheater right in the center. Each hill is a geodesic dome, with a "mesh" stretched over it to support soil, plants and residences with awesome views. Each dome is hollow inside, and is dedicated to a different focus, including creativity, logic, family, health, physical and business, while the amphitheater in the middle is for "digestion", which means that this is the marketplace.

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Like many concepts in the last few years, HavvAda Island will be self-sustaining and "energy effective". For example, instead of using air conditioners to control the temperature, HavvAda would pump seawater through a chilled water ring to deliver coolness all across the island. Waste would be transported away through a network of pneumatic tubes for recycling. The energy to power the entire island would come from an offshore wind farm in cooperation with solar panels on the slopes of the island itself.

[Image Source: Studio Dror]

It is not known whether this project is possible or not, but if it is, it would cost a lot of money. But we must admit that it would be a very interesting place to live.

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