Roboplow- The Snowplow Robot

Roboplow- The Snowplow Robot

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[Image Source: IdeaLab]
Can you imagine that you can shovel the falling snow sitting in your chair and watching your monitor? Rob Kinkey does not only imagine this, he does it. One winter he got tired of clearing and shoveling the never-ending snow and built a little remote control robot that can do this for him. Roboplow has six wheels and approximately 50 inches wide blade which is enough to clean the area of your backyard and shovel sidewalks along your street. The shovel is fully pneumatic and is able to be moved in different directions which make the task easier.

[Image Source: IdeaLab]

The engineer had the wisdom to put two 10 watt LED lights for night snowplowing. He also put and a mobile onboard camera to observe working of his robot.

[Image Source: IdeaLab]

[Image Source: IdeaLab]

Except all of its useful features, I’m sure Roboplow has one more not so obvious feature – it may give lots of fun to your children. Unfortunately, except some videos on Youtube, there is too little information on the internet and this is too bad because I think that Roboplow has many potential buyers. Or even somebody could invest into further development of this product because it seems to be applicable in everyday life…

Watch the video: ROBOPLOW FIRST PROTOTYPE (September 2022).


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